Pakistani cafe in London

Empress Market is a celebration of Pakistani folk cuisine.

The food is a nostalgic showcase of Pakistani hospitality, a combination of family recipes, street food and a nod to modern London lifestyle served on grandmother’s crockery.

Grand Trunk Road Supperclub


12 May, Saturday

A culinary journey across South Asia.

The six course menu traverses the ancient trade route from Kabul, Afghanistan, through northern Pakistan, across India to the heart of West Bengal. The special dining event showcases how the merchant travellers have shaped the food and culture along the way. 

The Grand Trunk Road Supperclub is a celebration how food and culture evolve through the movement of people, shaping our dinner tables. This is what gives South Asia its vibrancy and certainly what I love about the very diverse city I call home, London. 

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Bun Kabab @ Alchemy, Southbank 


3rd May - 7th May 2018

Bun Kabab is back at Alchemy, Southbank

Bun Kabab's been part of the Alchemy May Southbank food market since 2015 and I love being here alongside my spicy South Asian siblings.

This year Alchemy is running for 5 days only

3rd-7th May 2018

Don’t miss out on your Bun Kabab!

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About me

          My name's Numra and I am the founder of Empress Market, a British-Pakistani food start-up.

I want to share a modern appreciation of Pakistani food and culture in London, the city I call home. I describe it as Pakistani folk cuisine, food with a depth of flavour that brings people together to create community.

In 2014 I quit my job as a documentary researcher at the BBC and opened the street food stall, Bun Kabab. I've trawled the street food hawkers of my parent's childhood in Pakistan to introduce an authentic Karachi Bun Kabab to Londoners.

      I also host private parties and themed supper clubs centred around my love for food and storytelling. 

In 2017 I opened a restaurant pop-up in Hackney, introducing my Pakistani home-cooking. In fact this was the first time my grandmother's recipes had been written down! 

   I am now on the search for a permanent spot for Empress Market, an independent Pakistani cafe in London.